MobiQuran App Provides Audio Quran Translation & Tafseer in multiple languages

Mobi Quran is a specially designed application for Muslims who love to listen to the Quran with Urdu and English translation. This app also provides audio Quran Tafseer by Dr. Israr Ahmed.

Why did we build this app and what you will find unique in this app?

There are a lot of apps in the market which provides textual Quran but very few which provides audio Quran with an auto-resume feature. We bookmark your playlist, surah, and duration where you have left listening so that you can start from where you have left last time.

Our main focus is on the usability of the app and providing the best design.

For example, the app works in the background when your phone screen is turned off.

We handle Bluetooth connectivity when you are listening to the Quran in the car.

You can set surah on repeat or Auto-advance on the next surah.

You can also do quick 30-second rewind and forward.

Download surah for offline listening.

Our main objective is also to provide this app ad-free!

Mobi Quran App Screenshots

Main features of the app

Resume from the exact surah and duration where you left last time.

Complete 114 Surahs of the Quran with English, Urdu translations.

Listen surah’s on the repeat.

Auto-advance to the next surat.

Access complete Quran in mp3 form

Easiest ever app for streaming HQ High-Quality MP3 Quran

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MobiQuran App Surah List

Al Fatihah audio, Al Baqarah audio, Al 'Imran audio, An Nisa' audio, Al Ma'idah audio, Al An'am audio, Al A'raf audio, Al Anfal audio, Al Bara'at / At Taubah audio, Yunus audio, Hud audio, Yusuf audio, Ar Ra'd audio, Ibrahim audio, Al Hijr audio, An Nahl audio, Bani Isra'il audio, Al Kahf audio, Maryam audio, TaHa audio, Al Anbiya' audio, Al Hajj audio, Al Mu'minun audio, An Nur audio, Al Furqan audio, Ash Shu'ara' audio, An Naml audio, Al Qasas audio, Al 'Ankabut audio, Ar Rum audio, Luqman audio, As Sajdah audio, Al Ahzab audio, Al Saba' audio, Al Fatir audio, Yasin( Yaseen) audio, As Saffat audio, Sad audio, Az Zumar audio, Al Mu'min audio, Ha Mim audio, Ash Shura audio, Az Zukhruf audio, Ad Dukhan audio, Al Jathiyah audio, Al Ahqaf audio, Muhammad audio, Al Fath audio, Al Hujurat audio, Qaf audio, Ad Dhariyat audio, At Tur audio, An Najm audio, Al Qamar audio, Ar Rahman audio, Al Waqi'ah audio, Al Hadid audio, Al Mujadilah audio, Al Hashr audio, Al Mumtahanah audio, As Saff audio, Al Jumu'ah audio, Al Munafiqun audio, At Taghabun audio, At Talaq audio, At Tahrim audio, Al Mulk audio, Al Qalam audio, Al Haqqah audio, Al Ma'arij audio, Nuh audio, Al Jinn audio, Al Muzzammil audio, Al Muddaththir audio, Al Qiyamah audio, Al Insan audio, Al Mursalat audio, An Naba' audio, An Nazi'at audio, ' Abasa audio, At Takwir audio, Al Infitar audio, At Tatfif audio, Al Inshiqaq audio, Al Buruj audio, At Tariq audio, Al A'la audio, Al Ghashiyah audio, Al Fajr audio, Al Balad audio, Ash Shams audio, Al Lail audio, Ad Duha audio, Al Inshirah audio, At Tin audio, Al 'Alaq audio, Al Qadr audio, Al Bayyinah audio, Al Zilzal audio, Al 'Adiyat audio, Al Qari'ah audio, At Takathur audio, Al 'Asr audio, Al Humazah audio, Al Fil audio, Al Quraish audio, Al Ma'un audio, Al Kauthar audio, Al Kafirun audio, An Nasr audio, Al Lahab audio, Al Ikhlas audio, Al Falaq audio, An Nas audio

I hope you like this Mobi Quran app and don't hesitate to ask me any questions which can help us improve this app.

Please send us your comment and feature requests on 💌 and keep us in your prayers.

May Allah bless you.

Before you begin, please make sure you have performed ablution or taken bath and are dressed in clean clothes.